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February 2016

Adventure 4

Featured Image for The Singer/Lead-Guitarst, Adventure 4 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

No! Not some super popular Singer/Lead-Guitarist from a famous rock band stopping by The City in the course of their international tour—it would have been awesome! But no… Just The Singer/Lead-Guitarist from a tiny unknown local band who has difficulty filling up a bar even without cover charge. But doesn’t just standing on a stage and singing all too well make him too sexy? Let me explain how it happened…

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Adventure 3

Featured Image for The Friend, Adventure 3 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

I set up rules to my adventures. Both explicit and implicit rules. And one of the implicit rules was: don’t have sex with your friends—for obvious reason. But, let’s be honest here, my adventures sucked real hard so far! So a change was called for. I guess breaking two of my rules plus putting absolutely no pressure on myself was the solution to have fun! But I’m still not sure it was completely a good idea. Let me explain…

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