About the blog

Not sure if this fiction blog is for you? Let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you looking for a little break from your routine to have some fun and laugh a little?
  • Are you eager to follow a piece of fiction writing the same way you follow your favourite TV show or Web series?
  • Are you a lively, funny woman who is craving for new experiences (even if you get most of them just through reading)?
  • (Or are you a lively, funny man who secretly loves chick flicks, but is too proud to buy any books in the same style?)

If you answer one of those questions with a “Yes!”, then Christy Palmer is going to become your new best friend!

What you can expect

Through this fiction blog, you’re going to follow the character Christy Palmer, a 22-year-old student majoring in English who is living a new promiscuous life after her nine-year relationship crashed hard.

Each new post revolves around a new partner in Christy’s adventures (some may last a little, but most won’t)! Posts will be publish every Wednesday.

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By the way, if you haven’t already done it, I strongly suggest you read the Meet Christy page—as misinformed as it is—to get to know Christy before you start reading her adventures!


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About the author

My name is Leftie Aubé and I live in Québec City, Canada. I’m a documentation technician currently working for the Archives of the City of Québec which brings me happiness and money until I make my dream of becoming a full-time writer come true! My short story Can’t Stand It Anymore appeared as an honorable mention in the collection Wherever We Roam published by Polar Expressions Publishing.

Christy is my way of having fun in between my job, my life and my other (darker) writing projects. I hope she does the same to you!

When I’m not writing Christy’s stories (or short stories or novels), I’m reading or spending time with my amazing lover and with my amazing friends!

If you want to get in touch, you can write me or comment on any post. I’ll read everything, promise!

Thank you so much for being here—seriously, it means the world to me!

Little cheesy (but inevitable) moment

I’d like to take a little paragraph to said thanks to two amazing women which if they hadn’t been there, I would have probably done this blog anyway, but with way less confidence and quality:

  • To Jessica Trudel for always asking me if I was writing about Christy (even before her name was Christy). You believed in her before I did and that means a lot to me!
    Thank for always saying yes when I ask you to read me and for always giving me your honest opinion. I always cherish it!
  • To Émilie Fontaine for all your kind words and for your instant understanding of what I wanted to do with this blog. Also an Earth-wide thanks for being the volunteer editor for everything that I write. A huge part of the quality of any of my work goes to you, without any doubt!

Informations for bloggers

If like me you’re curious about how bloggers do it, here’s a list of the tools and resources I used to build this blog and spread it on the Internet, in the hope it will help you:

  • All the graphics are created with the no-need-to-be-a-designer-because-it’s-so-easy graphic design software Canva;
  • Each posts are written and planned on the life-changing writing software Scrivener
  • The brand colors were chosen with the more-than-needed help of the website Coolors;
  • The blog is managed via the amazing WordPress and is hosted on the also amazing Bluehost;
  • The WordPress blog theme was created by the wonderful and helpful people at SoloPine;
  • The newsletter is easily managed on Mailchimp;
  • The social sharing buttons are managed flawlessly via Social Warfare (how much time it would have saved me if I’d used it right away; don’t make the same mistake I did!);
  • All the pictures, as few as they are, were taken by me with the marvellous Nikon D3200 that my amazing lover gave me for Christmas, except for the picture in all the Feature Images, which was taken by Amélie Beauregard (thank you so much, by the way)! All rights reserved.

If you have any questions about the technical or creative aspects of this blog, you can always contact me. It will be my pleasure to answer you!