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Yes. The Friend again. But it may not be the kind of adventure you were eager to read. Sometimes life just happens and you have to be there for the people you care about. So like a good friend, I tried to be there for him when he needed me the most. Let me explain…

Want to start from the beginning?

Okay, as I told you last week, I had a meeting with the advisor of the Business School and she managed to work out something for me, so… it is now official: I’m going to minor in entrepreneurship next year!

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited in my whole life! I was so excited I threw confetti all over my apartment and bought cheap mousseux just to hear the pop!

I thought about double-majoring, but after doing way too many researches on the internet about famous entrepreneurs, I realized that not all of them had fancy degrees. Taking the leap is really the most important step, so I didn’t want to postpone it too much by over-studying.

And to be honest, I’m only minoring because I’m too anxious about jumping in straight this summer. Because yes, technically, I could. I already have an idea of a business, but… But I just don’t feel completely ready. And no, I can’t tell you what it is yet. It’s way too soon. Sorry, guys!

My parents were super happy for me—although maybe their happiness also came from the fact that I’m not going to spend ten years in grad school as I always thought I would. Seriously, I was seeing their thoughts like:

GIF from an unknow TV show; people on a bed throwing money in the air, laughing


And for the first time, I felt kind of relieved that I wasn’t with The Ex anymore… I know all too well how he would have reacted to me telling him I was considering minoring in entrepreneurship:

“Okay. Nice! If you like crawling under a pile of debts after all your ‘businesses’ declare bankruptcy, go ahead and do it! I don’t want to be the one who stands in your way.”

Yeah, on certain points (like this one), he was a jerk. But we also were really happy together! (If you don’t believe me, go read the text I wrote on our relationship! You’ll see…)

Anyway! Now that we aren’t together anymore, I knew I could only expect happiness from my entourage, so I texted The Friend to tell him the good news and also to ask for news about his family matter. He texted me back almost right away:

That is so awesome! Can’t wait to see you change the world, [Christy] Jobs

Listen… We brought my father back home… That’s what he asked for…

Reading this I felt my heart dropped.

[Christy]… My father is going to die and I just don’t know how I can…

I called him right away, my hands shaking and my eyes filling with tears.

You see, that’s his family matter: about a year ago, his father was diagnosed with lungs cancer. He had chemo and at first, it seemed to be working. But after a couple of months, the tumor started growing again. They had no choice but to operate him, ablating one of his lungs.

For about a month or so, they thought he was in remission, but he went for another MRI check-up and they found a tumor in his other lung. He did chemo again, but the doctors weren’t really optimistic.

Some time passed and they knew the end was coming soon. Very soon. So that’s when The Friend went back to his hometown to be with his father.

The saddest thing about all of this is that his father is all The Friend has left; his mother died in a car accident when he was eight years old. It would be horrible for anyone to have a parent fighting cancer, but it was the worst thing that could happen to The Friend.

We talked a bit over the phone; he told me he didn’t know how he could deal with the situation, how he felt mad about life and how he didn’t know if he could get out of this.

And I asked him if there was anything, anything I could do for him.

“I just feel so alone… My aunts and uncles are here but… I’d just like to have someone here for me… That is so selfish…”

“No, it’s not. Do you want me to come over? Do you want me to be therewith you? I could borrow my mother’s car, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

And he accepted my offer. So as soon as he did, I asked my parent’s for their second car, emailed my teacher to tell her I’d miss her class, called my boss to tell him I’d miss my shifts this weekend, then I was clear to leave for The Friend’s-Hometown.

When I arrived, The Friend opened the door and hugged me right away. The kind of hug who made me feel like a lifesaver. I held him until he let go of me, which was way longer than a typical hug.

“Thanks, [Christy]. You can’t understand how this means to me…” he told me with a sad smile, before letting me in.

I spent the whole weekend with The Friend and his family at his father’s house. Mostly, I just helped his aunts around the house, doing the dishes, cooking and bringing water to The Friend’s father and coffee to The Friend. He spent most of his time at his father’s bedside, which means we didn’t spend much time together. It felt too uncomfortable to stay in the room of a dying man I didn’t even know.

But each time I was bringing food or black coffee to The Friend, I could see in his eyes and in the way he smiled at me how grateful he was to have me there. And this was more than enough for me.

His family didn’t make any comments about my presence or didn’t ask any questions about the relationship status between their nephew and me. Surely, The Friend had talked to them before I arrived and I was thankful for it. The only time someone went into that direction was when his oldest aunt and I were alone in the kitchen, washing the dishes:

“That was really nice of you to come over here. It must have been a little intimidating,” she told me, handing me a wet plate.

“A little, it’s true. But I don’t mind a little intimidation if it can do him just a bit of good.”

“Oh, it does, honey. He is lucky to have you. I hope he knows that. If I were him, I’d quit fooling around and grab you before someone else does.”

I smiled and I’m sure my face got all red. I didn’t know what to answer. She must have seen it because she added:

“Too soon for that? I’m sorry, sweetie. Don’t listen to me,” she ended with a cute laughter.

The Friend’s father died Sunday evening, three days after I arrived at his house. The Friend stayed by his side until the ambulance came to take the body and he went with them without saying a word.

He woke me up at 3 in the morning, by sitting on the air mattress his uncle had installed for me in the basement.

“‘You okay?…” It was a stupid question to ask, but I couldn’t find anything else to make him talk.

“Can I sleep with you? I don’t feel like being alone…” I knew by his voice that he was softly weeping.

“Yeah, sure… Come here,” I told him raising the sleeping bag that was covering me. He lay down next to me fully dressed.

“Could you hold me?”

“Of course…” I answered before I did it.

As soon as my arms were around him, he started crying for good. In between my arms, I felt him transformed into a little boy.

He cried for so long; it broke my heart. I couldn’t do anything to make him feel better, so I just hold him tight and tried not to let him see that I was crying too.

When I woke up in the morning, The Friend wasn’t next to me anymore; I could hear some low voices on the upper floor, so I stayed in bed as long as I could to give them some privacy.

I left The Friend and his family at the end of this evening; there is just so many days your job and teachers are willing to give you off for the death of a friend’s parent. And The Friend didn’t ask me to be there for the funeral; I respected his choice and even felt a little relieved that I could miss it. I had never been to a funeral and I must admit it scares me a little…

When I came back home, I went straight to my parents’ cabin and I spent the whole evening with them, realizing how lucky I am to still have them and how I have been neglecting them lately.

So this is it…

I’m sorry: this isn’t a sexual adventure at all, but it was quite an adventure for me… And I’ve never felt closer to The Friend than during this weekend with him.

I just hope he’ll be okay…

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