Meet Christy Palmer

I could explain to you who Christy is and what her adventures will be but, as every post on this blog will be in her voice, I prefer letting her do it herself:

Let me get this straight, my name is not Christy Palmer. In order to keep the privacy of all the people involve in those crazy adventures that will include dating and having sex with a lot of different men (and to be able to say everything I want about everybody involved without being sued), I will not be giving any name and I’ve chosen a brand new one for myself! I think I look like a Christy (a brunette with aqua nerdy glasses just screams “Christy” don’t you think?) and Palmer just sounded nice.

I also need to clarify something before you start to judge me (if it’s not already started), I’m not a slut, nor a whore. While I think every woman should be able to have sex with as many guys as she wants without being given those awful names, I have an explanation for my forthcoming actions: I’ve been dumped by the guy which I thought was the man of my life and the father of my future babies. But after nine years of (almost) constant happiness, he decided he was over with me and… well, there isn’t a thousand ways to say this: I was out the door (without having a real opportunity to say anything about it).

Ok, I already hear you: what happen with… let’s call him The Ex, but I won’t tell you… Not here. The whole point of this thing is to get my mind off him, so…

(Fine, I wrote about him here, if you really want to know… But now let’s move on to something more fun, OK?)

So back to the reason why I’m doing this: you might think there is nothing very uncommon about being dumped (unfortunately for anyone you have been/will be dumped) and that it’s not a reason to go have sex with the whole town (although, I think that might be a pretty good excuse!), but there is more to it: The Ex and I started being together when we were thirteen years old! THIRTEEN! And for those nine years of (kinda close to) constant happiness, we had a lot of sex (I would hope so or I would definitely understand why he would dump me!). But I was VIRGIN when I met him (of course, I said it, I was thirteen!) so that makes me a 22 years old young, fresh woman who had sex with ONLY ONE PERSON in her ENTIRE life! (Ok, I know I’m not that old, but still!)

So now that my heart is broken, that I’ve lost all kind of points of reference I had in life, what better time than now to take back all the time I lost to date and have sex with a lot of different guys! It’s now or never.

So those will be my adventures. And as I’m respectful of myself, I’ve put some rules in place:

  1. I will not have sex with guy from work (too complicated afterwards);
  2. I will not have sex with guy from any of my classes, unless done accidentally (by that I don’t mean that I could accidentally have sex, but that the guy could accidentally be in one of my class, for example, if I have sex with him before I realize he’s in one of my class) (also too complicated afterwards);
  3. I will not fall in love (I’m just not ready for that again… So I have to stop myself if it ever wants to happen!);
  4. I will date different type of guys (because let’s face it, it would be boring to date the same guy over and over again).

So that’s about it on me and my adventures!

Oh! WAIT! It could be interesting to know that I’m majoring in English and that I work in a bookstore (then again, to keep the privacy of everyone, I’ll say The Bookstore and The University).

Also, I don’t have a roommate. It’s not that I’m a princess, but just thinking about moving out from our apartment when The Ex dumped me was more than I could handle, so my parents accepted to pay me a teeny–weeny apartment (I couldn’t live with them because they live their happy retirement one hour and a half away from The City). I just love them so much. And I feel it’s going to be pretty convenient for my adventures!

That’s about it for now, I hope you’ll have as much fun reading my adventures as I’ll have living them (except for the terrible, humiliating, kill-me-right-now parts, because I’m well aware you’ll have way more fun reading them that I’ll have living them…).

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