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Meet Christy

Adventure 4

Featured Image for The Singer/Lead-Guitarst, Adventure 4 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

No! Not some super popular Singer/Lead-Guitarist from a famous rock band stopping by The City in the course of their international tour—it would have been awesome! But no… Just The Singer/Lead-Guitarist from a tiny unknown local band who has difficulty filling up a bar even without cover charge. But doesn’t just standing on a stage and singing all too well make him too sexy? Let me explain how it happened…

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Adventure 3

Featured Image for The Friend, Adventure 3 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

I set up rules to my adventures. Both explicit and implicit rules. And one of the implicit rules was: don’t have sex with your friends—for obvious reason. But, let’s be honest here, my adventures sucked real hard so far! So a change was called for. I guess breaking two of my rules plus putting absolutely no pressure on myself was the solution to have fun! But I’m still not sure it was completely a good idea. Let me explain…

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Adventure 2

Featured Image for The High-School-Crush, Adventure 2 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

My fourteen-year-old self wanted to die of excitement! He used to be my Ultimate-High-School-Crush before—and, I have to admit it, even after—I started going out with The Ex! Still can’t believe how a disappointment taking him to bed was… But only for Present-Me, because Teenage-Me is still pretty excited about the make out session. Maybe I’m just not getting the hang of this adventure thing. Let me explain…

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Adventure 1

Featured Image for The Second-Guy-I-Ever-Had-Sex-With, Adventure 1 of the fiction blog Christy Palmer's Sexual Adventures

I don’t even remember his name. I just followed my Party-Friend’s advice which was : “Doesn’t matter who the first guy you pick up at a bar is! It’s like taking coughing syrup, you just have to close your eyes, pinch your nose and get it over with. The longer you wait, the harder it will get.” So I did it and it was almost as fun as swallowing a whole bottle of coughing syrup. Let me explain…

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